TATA 1mg

Tableau Customer Story

TATA 1MG leverages Tableau’s analytics capability to optimize delivery Turnaround time and decrease order cancellation by over 25%


TATA 1MG team wanted to automate their entire analytics reporting cycle right from fetching data to sharing their analysis to multiple stakeholders. This process took hours of manual effort and hence delayed timely actions to be taken by decision makers


TATA 1MG uses Tableau + Redshift to analyse their Transactional data on a real time basis to track customer journey and hence Identifying potential spammers.

They successfully :


Overall improvement in operational cost efficiency of over 50%

Identified trends over multiple cities and capabilities to drill down to multiple segments.
Scaled analytics by 40-50% of the initial user base.
Set up data driven culture across organization by leveraging Tableau self service analytics capabilities.