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Data-Driven Decision fuelled by leading analytics platform

Data is the driving factor for business and success, providing real-time forecasts, actionable insights and strategies.
Tableau is a market leader in end-to-end data and business analytics.
Tableau helps multi-dimensional organizations unleash their business potential with data.
Tableau empower the analytics journey from data preparation to deeper insightful analysis, propelling it towards success.
Tableau is an end-to-end integrated data management and visual analytics platform that help people better understand the data.
As a market leader in end-to-end data and business analytics, Tableau drives the business towards success by providing real-time forecasts, actionable insights and strategies. Tableau unleashes the business potential by helping organisations to understand and analyse data, and derive deeper insights for impactful decision-making.

The Tableau Platform

A global entrusted leading analytics platform

Tableau Products

Most preferred Tableau Services

Tableau Prep :

Tableau Prep helps people quickly and confidently transform their data for analysis. Using visual feedback, Tableau Prep enables more people to combine, shape, and clean their data, ultimately leading to faster time to insight.

Tableau Desktop :

Tableau Desktop lets your analysts and business users alike connect to and dig deep into the data so they can answer more questions, solve harder problems and uncover new insights that ultimately lead to better decisions for your business.

Tableau Online :

Tableau Online extends the insights and data to the rest of your organization. A fully hosted, enterprise-class modern analytics platform that can scale overnight to support the creation and sharing of content among thousands of users.

Creator :

Those who need hands-on with the data give them the power to discover insights with a powerful suite of products that support their end-to-end analytics workflow.

Explorer :

Those who need to interact with and answer their questions from trusted data have the power to self-serve and explore the data to make more informed decisions and insights.

Viewer :

For everyone else in your organization who should be making data-driven decisions based on trusted content, give them the ability to view and interact with dashboards and visualizations.

Tableau Benefits

Quick Intuitive Dashboards

Tableau enables faster data analysis for preparing intuitive visual dashboards.

Improved organizational Productivity

A comprehensive data approach allows leaders to focus on finding new opportunities.

Actionable Data insights

Quick insightful reports with real-time data trends help make effective business decisions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Tableau’s data-driven dashboards help organizations identify opportunities for seamless customer service.

Competitive Leverage

Tableau help enterprises keep abreast of competitors by spotting the latest customer needs and industry trends in the market.

Data with Trust and Governance

Centralized data access to the users across the organization as a single source of truth with enhanced governance.

Why choose ATS for Tableau Products & Services

ATS is an esteemed Tableau’s Gold Partner, delivering unrivalled Data Analytics services to the entrusted clients, and is the most preferred Full-Stack BI & Data Analytics Consulting Firm among the list of major industries. ATS’s profound Tableau experts lead your business towards success by leveraging Tableau’s advanced analytical tools.

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As Data Analytics & Business Intelligence experts, we will help you leverage the analytical capabilities of Tableau Services and gain powerful insights to improve & optimise your business operation.

Tableau Configuration:

We help you select and configure the apt Tableau solution based on your business needs.

Tableau Server Deployment:

We help you deploy a fully functional Tableau Server environment both on-premise or on the cloud depending on your requirement.

Tableau Customized Dashboards:

We help you set up and tailor dashboards to fulfil different requirements across the organisation.

Tableau Multi-Source Integration:

We integrate Tableau Services with various data sources and build your analytics using the right data.
Start your journey with us to find all the answers to your complex data questions. ATS provides unparalled BI solutions with top-notch quality services and extensive technical support as we understand your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s understand Tableau and its data visualization capabilities, answering some of the top questions.

What is Tableau?
Tableau is an intelligent and globally entrusted leading data analytics software that provides comprehensive features that help enterprises make better decisions through real-time actionable insights. Tableau’s drag and drop interface creates visually appealing reports and dashboards.
Know how Tableau works?
Tableau Software can connect to multiple data connectors and extract the data from distinct database locations, allowing you to save your work using specific file types like data extracts, connection files, bookmarks, workbooks, and packaged data files. Tableau does the data analyst’s job easy by creating visually interesting & insightful dashboards.
What makes Tableau the top BI Tool?
Tableau lets the users create visually appealing visualizations in no time. Its highly efficient drag-and-drop functionality enables one to perform complex data tasks seamlessly. Tableau’s advanced data analytics features score higher when compared with its counterparts.
How does Tableau help your business?
Tableau empowers organizations to be data-cultured and helps spot real-time data trends for predicting future outcomes and making better business decisions. The versatile Tableau Analytics services enable the users to understand the data clearly and easily. Analysts can present data through intuitive dashboards using various visualization tools.

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