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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-primarily based video conferencing tool that helps you to effortlessly host digital one-on-one or group meetings. With effective audio, video and collaboration features, this faraway conversation connects teams remotely.

A Centralized & Collaborative Web Conferencing Platform

Now create, innovate, and connect with teams to redefine the present-day workforce

Centralized platform for communication and collaboration

Connect with teams for meetings, chats, whiteboard phone, and many more with one comprehensive offering.

The industries across globe leveraging Zoom

Why Choose ATS for Zoom

We’re excited to share that ATS is now collaborating with Zoom to deliver custom-tailored video conferencing solutions to our customers. This partnership allows us to make a real difference in how businesses worldwide leverage modern workflow technology.

Have you been looking for an upgraded video conferencing solution for your business? Look no further! 

It’s time to unlock the power of modern video conferencing solutions.

Zoom FAQ’s

What is Zoom meeting?
A unified and collaborative video communications platform that brings modern workplace and technology together to connect with meetings via video, audio, chat, and phone that has internet connectivity. The cloud-based video communications app enables setting up conferencing via video and audio conferences virtually, live chats, webinars, screen sharing, and other blends of collaborative features and capabilities.
Getting started with Zoom?
Visit the Download centre on Zoom Website and download the latest version. Launch Zoom and Sign In to start/schedule a meeting or join the meeting by accessing the host’s invitation.
How to join Zoom Meeting for the first time?
To create meetings, you require an account to send a meeting invitation to the participants. If you are a participant, you require no account unless the meeting host restricts allowing the participants to join based on the authentication of the profiles.
Features benefits of Zoom for companies?
  • High-Definition Video & Audio
  • The built-in synergic features
  • End-to-End Meeting Encryption
  • Transcripts & Recording Feature
  • Livestreaming Meeting
  • Flexibility in scheduling meetings