Aion Tech Solutions Limited (ATS) Wins Key Fivetran Partner Award

Serendipity is the word that most fittingly describes ATS and Fivetran’s partnership.

Our focus at Aion Tech Solutions is on the value our customers get from our solutions, not just the solutions themselves. Having helped hundreds of customers from some of the biggest names in the pharma, telecom, retail and manufacturing sectors to a kaleidoscope of Small and medium businesses from all over India, at ATS we can truly say that we have “Seen it All”.
Having the right data strategy, processes, structure and tools in place is central to success in the modern data world. This thought process was the foundation on which the concept of the ATS Full Stack started taking shape.

The three basic components for any Data Analytics or BI implementation are

• Data ingestion solution
• Data warehouse or Data Lake
• Business intelligence (BI) tool

ATS was already partnered with Tableau and Snowflake. However, after a customer’s use case has be established, the first step involves understanding where the data that will support that use case is and how to easily and quickly bring that data into a Data warehouse or a Data Lake. This is when the search for the best “Plug n Play” technology for data ingestion began.
There were many ingestion tools that we evaluated, from open-source to commercial options. We wanted to pick a tool that is able to connect “out of the box”, simple to use and most importantly deliver low TCO for our customers in the long run.
Fivetran not only fit the bill and ticked all the boxes perfectly, but the technology is eons ahead of competition. Also, Fivetran’s commitment towards the APAC region in general and India specifically, coupled with their best-in-class customer support made the decision to partner a no-brainer for us at ATS.

To the Fivetran Team: Thank You

We are thrilled to be recognised and this was only possible because off the fantastic support we have received and continue to receive from the Fivetran team members from across alliances, sales, product etc. We value the partnership at every individual level. We feel mutual commitment to the work we put into making this partnership successful and are committed to building on the fantastic momentum from this year into next year and beyond.