ATS helps optimize the Supply Chain Process of South Asia’s biggest B2B paper boarding and packaging company from production and delivery

About the Customer

Industry: Package Manufacturing

Company Description: The customer is South Asia’s biggest B2B paperboard packaging company, primarily as a value-added converter. They convert more than 70,000 tonnes of paper, paperboard, and laminates per annum into an assortment of value-added packaging solutions for the FMCG, liquor, and consumer goods industries for internal and external customers.


  • Unable to attain a 360° view of their supply chain process.
  • Incapable of analysing pending, forwarded orders and backorders due to lack of centralized and streamlined reports.
  • Disaggregated and highly unstructured data makes it difficult to analyse buying patterns of external customers.

Business Use Case:

  • Integrating various data sources and cleaning the unstructured data.
  • Analysing buying patterns of customers and maintaining raw material accordingly since packing material is made to order
  • Creating interactive dashboards to optimize end to end supply chain processes and keep a track of the raw material procurement status
  • Analysing tonnage, printing status for the
    manufactured material by market, industry, customer, Key Account Manager etc.
  • Identifying and classifying runner, repeater and stranger orders to improve order planning

Existing BI Architecture

Proposed Solution

Business Impact

  • Restructured supply chain help in procurement planning and timely dispatch of customer orders.
  • Streamlined reports provide a centralised and holistic view of the manufacturing process.
  • Integration of multiple data sources avoids data-related issues.

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