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Health Insights Unboxed: Transformative BI Solutions

Harness the Power of Data Analytics through our BI-in-a-Box Solution for Healthcare Industry.

Join the Exemplary AWS Webinar by Goldstone Technologies Limited.

Discover how Goldstone Technologies BI-in-a-Box solution on AWS platform is revolutionizing Healthcare Industry analytics. Dive into a wealth of insights as we showcase revolutionary data analytics solutions tailored specifically for the healthcare sector.

We invite you to join us on December 8th, 2023, at 11:30AM for a one-hour valuable session to acquaint you with our BI-in-a-Box Solution specifically for Healthcare Industry.

Enter the World of Advanced Data Analytics

In partnership with AWS, we are excited to introduce our “BI-in-a-Box Solution” — a comprehensive, scalable analytics package that empowers your organization to get a swift start in data analytics. Unlock the potential of your data to reach further efficiencies, potent decision-making, and cost-effectiveness.

Sakshay Srivastava
Team Lead – AWS at Goldstone Technologies
Important Take-aways You Can’t Afford to Miss:
Take off instantly on your analytics journey, gain deep insights into data management, and realize the tangible benefits, including:
  • Broaden your horizon to informed decision-making
  • Learn how data efficiencies can drive your bottom line
  • Importance of Analytics Maturity Model
  • Unleash cost savings with optimized data management
  • Get a glimpse of the expedited route to value realization
You’ll be equipped with insights, tools, and actionable strategies to optimize your data analytics and get the most beneficial insights from your data.

Our expert speakers have formulated an engaging agenda which includes:

  1. Introduction of Goldstone Technologies Limited (GTL)
  2. Insight into GTL’s Service Offerings
  • Discussions on Prevailing Organizational Data Challenges
  • Reveal the nuances of the Analytics Maturity Model
  • Contrast between Level 1 and Level 4 Organizations
  • Unveiling the BI-in-a-Box Solution
  • Understanding the Benefits of the Solution
  • Live Demo – Amazon QuickSight
  • Interactive Q & A Session
Reserve your spot now! Your journey to improved data analytics is just a click away. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, interact, and harvest the benefits of an expert data analytics strategy.
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