GAMES 24×7

Tableau Customer Story

Games 24×7 uses Tableau to implement self service BI for end users enabling the analysis through parameters, reducing the reporting time by 70%.


AB testing is a multidimensional exercise which is the center to the Games 24 x 7 Team for behavioral analysis. This exercise by nature is conducted at multiple stages of end user cycle which consumed a lot of time of the BI Team since data mining as well as statistical analysis was required at the same time.


A self service BI system was implemented on Tableau which enable the end users to configure analysis on Tableau using parameter selections.

They successfully:


Implemented custom SQL queries heavily in the parameters to change data based on user inputs. Similar functionality was implemented at the back end level while joining the columns

Use of mutliple parameters decreased the dependency of creating multiple metrics.
Integrated R with Tableau to enable statistical testing within different paths of Tableau.
AB Testing Team were enabled to conclude the experiments by themselves which brought down the ticket requests from 5-6 a month to 0.