Global Operations Consulting firm enables customers to create a safer & more secure workplace by providing near-real-time insights leveraging data analytics

About the Customer

Industry: Business Consulting

Company Description: The customer is one of the world’s leading operations consulting firms who with the use of data analytics develop and implement solutions to improve the technical, behavioural and cultural aspects of their client’s operations and to establish a framework to maximize existing assets, mitigate risk and drive continuous innovation.


  • Lack of real-time incident tracking led to several unpredictable accidents at the workplace.
  • Static reports make data analysis timetaking and difficult to understand.
  • Unable to get a holistic understanding and review of past incidents to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Business Use Case:

  • Embed dashboards in their digital offeringsin a highly secure way that allows only targeted users to view the dashboard
  • Consolidated multiple static reports to create Interactive dashboards
  • Python integration with Tableau to enable
    incident trends and predict future incidents

Existing BI Architecture

Proposed Solution

Business Impact

  • A centralised repository of interactive reports with near-real-time incident updates accessible across multiple geographies.
  • Integration of multiple data sources to avid data discrepancy and have a single source of truth.
  • Embedded analytics dashboards resulted in a 40% reduction in report generation time.
  • Increased data security by providing role-specific report access to reports.

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