Go Mechanic

Tableau Customer Story

GoMechanic optimized their Ad campaign strategy through different marketing channels leading to almost 100% increment in their call flow.


GoMechanic wanted to deliver excellent customer services by addressing to service requests and complaints. They need to collect data from varity of data sources on different parameters such as time period, acceptance ratio, wait time etc to optimize the entire process and strategize staff distribution.


GoMechanic team uses Tableau + Google Big query and Adwords to compile data from multiple datasource and create a single view to track performance of all the marketing campaigns, channels and to effectively track lead flow.

They successfully:


Increased call response rate by 15%.

Optimized resource allocation based on influx of calls.
Increased ROI by optimizing ad campaign through multiple marketing channel
Optimized overall query cost with Tableau extract.
Scaled analytics to other teams to establish a data-driven culture across the organization.