How does Tableau convert complex business data into simple visual information?

Tableau is one of the world’s leading BI and Data Analytics Platform that enables organizations transform their data into insights in the form of dashboards that lets users/management take better informed decisions.

With the increasing number of business transactions across various industries globally, a massive amount of consumer data, product data and operational data generate each day that needs to be processed on time and stored for further business analysis. Tableau helps organizations track the information at every stage of the business to gain actionable data.

Why are Organizations adopting Data Analytics and Business Intelligence?

Over the past decade, Industries embraced new business models witnessing a new era of data-driven business transformation to centralize the challenging operational and business reporting processing. Tableau’s powerful features like collaboration of data, data blending, and real-time analysis convert the complex raw business data into an easy to understand format.

Now, why Data Science has become an integral part of modern businesses today more than ever? And the reason is that Data Science is more than just building algorithms and creating visually appealing dashboards. Market Research by Global Newswire expects the Data Science market value to reach $133 billion by 2026.

Tableau is one such competitive visual analytics platform trusted and utilized by 17+ Industries with 64,000+ Customers based across the globe. Tableau believes in transforming how people use data for solving problems, empowering people and organizations to be more data-driven.

Tableau provides various data solutions to business users across the entire organization level with unique visualization patterns, long-term & short-term strategies, and trends that direct the business forecasting.

Tableau Product Suite Applications that empower organizations with data
Tableau Desktop:

Tableau Desktop is amongst the most powerful BI and Data Analytics platforms that transform business data into a transparent and visually impressive dashboard. It has a wide range of features which includes creating charts, building reports, blending data and integrating all the information into one dashboard that provides value-driven business insights for data-driven decision-making.


  • Provides Actionable Insights
  • Connects Data On-Prem or in the Cloud
  • Help Spotting Trends and Identify Opportunities
  • Enable for making data-driven decisions
  • Allows combination of data with interactive maps for more than 50 countries
  • Data exploration access for all the users
  • Extracting features of massive data sets
  • Designing, customizing and optimizing the dashboards for desktops, tablets, and phones are more accessible.
  • Sharing and collaborating of data done securely

Tableau Server

Tableau Server is a BI application that allows on-premise data sharing and collaboration on the Tableau Dashboards across the organization and is accessible to the data users with authorization. You cannot directly share Tableau Dashboards on the Tableau Server; you must first publish your created workbooks and visualizations on the Tableau Desktop to further access. Though licensed users can access the server, the admin has complete control over the organizational level.


  • Governed Self-Service Analytics
  • Data Exploring in a trusted environment
  • Ask questions using natural language from any published data source
  • AI-driven explanations for your data
  • Connect and access hundreds of data sources
  • Empower business with Governance
  • The existing Security protocols can be seamlessly integrated
  • Flexible Deployment in Cloud
  • Empowering organizations with data
  • Additional benefits of monitoring, manageability and scalability

Tableau Online

Tableau Online is a fully hosted Cloud analytics platform for users to share and publish dashboards. Organizations need not worry about the server configurations, further increase in hardware capacity, and software latest upgrades, as Tableau Online is cloud-based self-service analytics.


  • Explore, Share and Collaborate the Cloud Data with anyone
  • A fully hosted Cloud Solution
  • Leverages AI to uncover the data insights
  • Connects to Multi-Data Sources from anywhere
  • Data Security with Trusted Permission Authentication
  • Effective Data Management
  • Dashboard Starters for quick, actionable data
  • Tableau Online empowers everyone to understand the data

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep has the unique feature of combining, shaping and cleaning the massive volume of data for further analysis. The modern self-service data preparation feature of Tableau Prep is a considerable replacement for the conventional data preparation model followed by the organizations. It allows for seamless data flow with proper scheduling and monitoring features.


  • An easier self-service data preparation
  • Provides a holistic representation of data
  • Flexile data customization for instant results
  • Single click solution for repetitive tasks
  • Connects with more data sources
  • Stay connected with the workflow


Tableau platform offers a rich feature set and allows the data users to customize reports for seamless access across the organizational level. Tableau is one single Data visualization solution for complex business data challenges that provide compelling business insights, making it one of the fastest-growing Data Visualization platforms.

Tableau enhances your business to increase productivity and revenue and drive the organization to become more data-driven.

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