How ELT data integration process help companies optimize cost & performance?

Today, bigger enterprises with massive transactions commonly use ETL (extract, transform, load) to process data across their systems for analysis and reporting. Data Loading to a cloud data warehouse and data lake provides scale, ease of access, inexpensive storage costs and operational efficiency. With Cloud’s storage power and processing capabilities, this outlook gradually gives way to processing the data after ingesting and replicating it into the Cloud. Some Cloud service providers charge individually for storage and processing, allowing more customer flexibility. 

By employing an Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) or Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) platform, you can easily automate and monitor your data workflows – resulting in seamless orchestration, improved security, increased agility, and more advanced reliability.

Here in this, we will discuss about ELT and its capabilities.

Why your company need ELT?

While there are numerous benefits of implementing ELT, let us look at few features that provide greater value to enterprises:

  • Extract data at scale and speed from multiple sources

    Sized organizations customarily have various, different data sources including applications, files, database, streaming, and more. Utilizing ELT signifies you can ingest multi-source data and replicate it regardless of the source or even if is unstructured or structured, unrelated, or related.

  • Leverage Cloud compute for rapid data transformation

    User can access the data in few seconds as the transformation process happens where the data resides. This feature is a big advantage when processing a time-dependent data as ELT does not require to wait for the data transformation.

  • Reduction of time and money

    ELT minimizes the time data spends enroute and saves your business’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to increased performance. ELT do not require an intervening data system or subsidiary remote resources for data transformation outside the cloud. Additionally, there is no requirement for data movement in & out of the cloud ecosystem for data analysis, resulting in zero data egress cost.

  • How Aion Tech Solutions implemented Fivetran’s ELT platform help your business?

    As businesses become increasingly dependent on data, the demand for efficient, cost-effective solutions to manage business intelligence has skyrocketed. At Aion Tech Solutions, we understand precisely how important it is to have a method of leveraging data affordably. That’s why implementing Fivetran’s ELT platform in your company through Aion Tech Solutions could be beneficial in many ways like:

  1. The experts at ATS will diagnose the existing on-premises data architecture and framework.
  2. Deep dives into finding the root cause of the current business operations hindrances.
  3. Provides solutions in the form of a strategic business roadmap.
  4. Implements the ETL Workflow set up to automate the data analytics, eliminating manual intervention and others.

Not only will Fivetran provide you with a dependable, managed ETL solution for business operations, but it also allows optimizing your costs and performance results. With instantaneous setup time and automated data pipelines combined with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can see incredible improvement in the scalability of your business operations and services over time.

Timely actions can save millions for your company. Want to learn how you can increase productivity and operational efficiency?

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