India’s Largest Gadget Retailer reduced Potential loss up to USD 50 Million by Optimizing stock

About the Customer

Industry: Gadget Retailer

Company Description: The customer is India’s Largest Gadget Retailer with more than 400 retail stores spread across the contury.


  • Manual optimization of stock across the retail stores led to a potential loss of USD 55 million per annum.
  • The Unavailability of real-time data systems led to delay in retail invetory & storage planning leading to longer lead times, longer replenishment cycles and shortage of safety stock.
  • Inability to review real-time stock-take analysis and evaluate the value of inventory sitting on ware houses floors.

Business Use Case:

  • Monitor inventory levels in warehouses versus trends for revenue across sales channels, review short-term cash requirements for upcoming stock re-order programs, & analyze key vendors, & look for procurement discounting opportunities.
  • Sales Predictions of various retail stores to ensure on-time fulfilment of fast-moving SKUs.
  • Creating demand-supply forecast-based inventory snapshots.
  • Analysing buying patterns of customers to optimize sales quantities & inventory allocation across the retail stores.

Existing BI Architecture

Proposed Solution

Business Impact

  • The recommendation engine for procurement and inventory, generates triggers based on stock availability thus reducing out-of-stock items.
  • Integration of multiple data sources avoids data discrepancy to have a single source of truth.
  • Automation of the procurement process has eliminated the need for manual intervention.
  • Data democratization at store manager level helps make quicker supply chain and logistics decisions.

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