Rakesh Masala

Tableau Customer Story


Rakesh Masala (Rakesh Group) internal portal had limited reporting capabilities. A data system that automatically gathers and arranges data was required for analysis. Manually carrying out this operation took far too long in the current context. With so much data available, it can be challenging to delve deep and find the insights that are most need.


Rakesh Group monitors the real-time flow and volume of data using SAP HANA. Trusted data and drill-down capabilities enable the procurement teams to make data-driven decisions across the Rakesh group. Rakesh businesses have used visual analytics to improve operational efficiencies and streamline internal processes.

Report creation is made possible with the flick of a button by robust data systems. The real-time information that they require will be available to employees and decision-makers in an engaging and instructive format.

They successfully:

Accelerated decision-making at every hierarchy.
Individual analyses combined into a single dashboard for corporate use.
Improved vendor and item analysis in the procurement process.
Improved decision-making process by minimizing dependency on the tech – teams through self-service analytics.