Rakesh Masala

Tableau Customer Story


Rakesh Masala (Rakesh Group) wanted better insights into their purchase data and analysed or spotted any trends/patterns that could help them take better business decisions. They tried to track purchase analysis at multiple levels ranging from country to branch, allowing them to allocate the required inventory accordingly to optimize the entire process and strategize staff and resource distribution.

Being an excel driven organization limited the client from having visual insights from the enormous data stored in their SAP HANA instance. The client wanted to develop a robust solution that would automatically fetch data from SAP HANA and show results visually and interactively so that they could drill down across multiple layers and track things until the most granular level.


Using the Tableau product suite, Rakesh Group has now established a direct connection between Tableau and SAP HANA, which has solved their first problem of manually downloading excel sheets. They utilized custom SQL query functionality in Tableau to extract the relevant data. Also, they used the power of the relationship layer in Tableau to combine multiple tables for more significant insights.

The team has now created a single view to track their total sales by trend, branch and city-wise analysis.

They successfully:

Completely cut down on manually downloading data into excel files
Optimized overall process.
Better inventory allocation between branch and city
Scaled analytics to other teams to establish a data-driven culture across the organization.