Tableau Customer Story

Simplilearn with Tableau improves overall Learner experience by improving Agent handle time by more than 70% and reducing ticket reopen by approximately 6%


Simplilearn wanted to leverage Tableau to improve overall learner experience by equipping them with best in industry Customer support right from raising a ticket to end resolution which involves multiple sources and high volume.


Simplilearn leveraged Tableau to blend data from multiple sources such as Salesforce, Engagex, Gsheet and track KPI’s such as TAT,MAU,CSAT,Ticket resolution rate, etc.

They successfully:


Improved Abandoned rate by helping business with call related data such as Hold time , wait time etc.

Processed large volume of data on a daily basis to give actionable up to date insights.
Reduced ticket reopen by approximately 6%
Scaling analytics to larger audience through single view dashboards along with Subscription and Alerts.